Twin Cylinder Adventurer/Rally Racer/Rider/Guide, Dakar Competitor, Heavy Enduro/Big Bike Advocate. Currently pursuing Africa Eco Race on 2 cylinders.


The challenge: to be the 1st rider to take a twin cylinder race bike in competition to Dakar without any outside assistance (Malle Moto).

The event: The Africa Eco Race. An annual rally raid organized in North of Africa, as an answer to the cancellation of 2008 Dakar Rally, and the subsequent moving of the rally to South America. It’s an event for those who want to live the real Dakar. Starting in Monaco and travelling through Morocco, Mauritania, and Senegal it is the toughest undertaking on a big bike. Many have tried and failed. Only a handful (with assistance) have reached the Lac Rose.

Tried last year to undertake this challenge on my own, machining parts, fabricating fuel & water tanks, moulding fairing parts, etc. It was too much for 1 guy in his garage. My race ended prematurely due to an overlooked part failure. It became clear then that this build required partners who are experts in their fields to make the project work.

Our biggest hurdle currently is the carrying of the 32 litres of fuel and the 3 litres of water needed for the event.

If you would like to be a partner and be a part of the project please get in touch

Build Partners:

Aurora - Navigation equipment, tower, fairing, pumps, electrics.

Tractive - Suspension

Rally Raid - suspension, steering damper, navigation equipment.

JD Racing - Engine work, pares package.

Jofama Clothing

Traveldri Plus - Camping gear, windproof layers.

Adventure Bike Warehouse - Helmets